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Fresh Cut - Never Frozen


The Legend of Bigfoot Fries

Across the land the legend of Bigfoot has been a cornerstone of American folk-lore. The great beast, Sasquatch, Yeti or even the Skunk-ape depicts an animal of great stature, great mystery and a great legend.  With all legends comes some truth and some lore and certainly the meaning of greatness.

Introducing BIGFOOT FRIES, a french fry carefully prepared and served fresh to order. Our steak-fries are fresh-cut NEVER Frozen, no preservatives and DOUBLE cooked in the highest quality cooking oil, to give you that crispy, golden fry perfection. Our FOOT-LONG hot dog is made from the highest quality meat and grilled for that delicious crunch experience. Our passion for french fries and Bigfoot have combined to bring you a delicious concession perfect for festivals and fairs. French Fries and Footlongs (& CHILI) are our only business, ensuring quality and taste that will keep you looking for more. Our desire to combine the legend of Bigfoot and our fries have given rise to our  Legendary "FOOT of FRIES". One foot of golden fresh-cut goodness in an easy to share footprint container.    

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Who We Are  


We are Missy and Tony, the owners of Bigfoot Fries. Our passion for adventure and food have given rise to our venture in food concessions. We bring our work ethic and our pride to bring you only the highest quality in our prepared food. Bring in Bigfoot and there's a whole new element of fun. We hope you enjoy our food, and ask to spread the word of Bigfoot Fries to all of your family and friends.

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Who We Are
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